Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Man Who Destroyed America

IF YOU VOTED for George W. Bush for president, then you must search your soul deeply and find that place where your gullibility lies, and purge from your soul that place and cast it into the furnace of hell and watch it burn until you know that it is consumed beyond any chance of resurrection, and swear by God then that you never again will drop your guard and be taken in by a facade of patriotism and religiosity.

The Bushes and their cohorts have no interest in the welfare of the United States of America. Their only regard for the republic and its democratic institutions lies in their capacity to be commandeered. As president, Bush prostituted the country to serve the interests of the emerging global control system, in which the Bushes and their circles operate.

The control system is undaunted by distinctions between the public and private sectors, between political parties, or between ideologies. It is a supranational, suprapolitical movement that rests on three legs:

1. The financial sector that in the United States revolves around the Federal Reserve system of banks, and globally works through the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and similar organizations

2. The energy sector that constitutes John D. Rockefeller's legacy, the transnational petroleum industry

3. The military sector, made up of the Pentagon and its procurement networks, martial enforcement power encircling a financial black hole.

Review the legacy of George W. Bush's presidency, and you will see that he worked diligently, behind a ruse of incompetence and homeland security, to advance the interests of these controlling sectors of the emerging world system.

It remains to be seen whether the current economic collapse is the product of an overreaching miscalculation on the part of the globalists, in which case they might be at risk and will work to, at least partially, right the ship, or whether the current situation reflects a plan to deflate the middle class and impose on humankind a global feudalism that reduces the strata of world society to two classes: master and slave.

In the meantime, let history remember George W. Bush as the man who destroyed America.

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