Sunday, April 12, 2015

Trailing Psalms

I.    Parallel lines like
Prisoner stripes

Rendered low
Now feathery, wild.

Jet’s tail
Blooms, a fog of spicules.

II.   Millipedes occult
Crescent moon.

III.    New geometry of sky
A vault of heavy metals,

The Kubrick sky,
The spinal dust . . . .

Final stroke
Splits a sky’s
Ribs apart.

IV.   Plane plumes diffuse
Like watercolors
Migrating through parchment.

Blue sky erased

      Line by line.

V.   Across veiny, steel wool
Sky, silvery
Rotting skeleton
Nudged to horizon's edge.

Density of particulates.

Dispersal fields from hard
Lines, clouds
Shed their hair
Pilots feed the new blanket,
Of silken gauze, rended.


And rains.

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