Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Quantum Entanglement: It's All In Your Head

Interesting article on using the language of quantum entanglement to model word assocations.

"This kind of research is an example of an emerging field called “quantum cognition,” the aim of which is to use quantum theory to develop radically new models of a variety of cognitive phenomena ranging from human memory to decision making. Although speculative, this research is gaining momentum. For instance, later this year, the highly regarded Journal of Mathematical Psychology will publish a special issue of quantum models of cognition."

Admittedly, the authors say that they are not proposing a model of quantum psychology, but just borrowing descriptive language from quantum mechanics. Still, I think that the usefulness of quantum mechanics concepts and vocabulary will prove indicative of future research findings, in which quantum mechanics increasingly will be appropriated for explanatory modeling, and eventually the quantum mechanics-derived models will transition from being implicit to being explicit explanations of consciousness.

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