Saturday, April 24, 2010

Banality of Evil

I can’t tell if the bigger threat is government taking over private corporations or private corporations taking over the government. The two processes seem to be on a collision course.

Under the influence of neutron-star-dense concentrations of private capital, the public sector squirts out from the political Right as “protection” and from the Left as “care.” These two ostensibly benevolent wings eventually coalesce into an iron fist that claims for itself all the rights and privileges of personhood and the authority to tax, regulate, and conscript, a creature parasitic on Arendt’s “banality of evil.”

All of the monarchy,
With none of the royalty

"The new facts made imperative a new examination of all past history, and then it was seen that all past history was the history of class struggles, that these warring classes of society are always the product of the modes of production and exchange, in a word, of the economic condition of their time; that therefore the economic structure of society always forms the real basis from which, in the last analysis, is to be explained the whole superstructure of legal and political institutions, as well as of the religious philosophical and other conceptions of each historical period."
Frederick Engels

From Herr Eugen Duehring’s Revolution in Science

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