Monday, December 08, 2014

Secular Totem: Natural Selection

During the past few weeks I'd been enjoying an engaging exchange about evolution theory on an online science forum. One of the threads I was posting in posed the question as to whether evolution theory adheres to scientific method. My comments in the thread focused on the veracity of the concept of natural selection. I implied that natural selection theory was lacking.

Things seemed to be going well, but then *Kablooey*, the moderator recognized, rightly, that I had diverted the conversation into a rabbit hole.  I had wandered off script.  And he threw me in the penalty box --- my posts in this thread were relegated to the Trash Can.

Given the unpopularity of my posts -- my arguments won no converts -- it's tempting to believe that their final resting place in the Trash Can had something to do with that unpopularity. Nonetheless, the moderator did recognize that I was not addressing the topic of scientific method directly and deserved some kind of rebuke. But the Trash Can? 

For the curious, you can judge for yourself whether my comments are Trash-Can worthy:

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