Sunday, November 15, 2015

Is YouTube Omitting Comments on Videos Selectively ?

This screenshot shows the same YouTube page in two browsers: Google Chrome at left and Mozilla Firefox at right (tho which is which is not important - I don't think).  Notice that the comments are for the same video, which is the premier Unspun show with Jan Irvin and Joe Atwill.  When I first watched this vid, I left what I thought was a reasonably thoughtful comment.  And it posted just fine.  No reason to think anything was screwy. There it was.

But when I went back to re-watch the vid the other day, being not logged in, the comments for the vid did not include mine. Puzzled, I opened a second browser, went to YouTube, and logged in. And then, there was my comment. 

So, displaying the same vid simultaneously in two browsers--one, where I'm logged in and one where I'm not logged in--gives me two different displays. When YouTube knows it's me, because I'm logged in, it includes my posted comment.  When it doesn't know (at least by way of log in) who's watching, then my comment doesn't appear.

Notice that each screen gives a different count for ALL COMMENTS. One gives five and one gives six. The latter count includes my comment. So, whether the comment shows is not a function of whether my comment is among the newest or most popular. 

Given the subject matter of the show and of my comment--the machinations of the ruling class--it's tempting to believe that the selective display of the comment is a function of some algorithm's politically calculated filtering.

Anybody else notice selective editing of ALL COMMENTS by YouTube--your comments displayed in ALL COMMENTS only when you're logged in?

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