Monday, May 26, 2008

The Dark Father

The Dark Father

The dark father shakes your hand. He shakes his head. He’s an invisible force. He can’t afford to be detected. Fame is beneath him.

The dark father wails that you abort, while he aborts you. He takes a torch and burns up the forests and the jungles. He’s incestuous. He tortures orphans with Bibles dipped in acid.

The dark father catalogs your genes. He plants your tumor. He harvests your organs.

The dark father luxuriates in private jets. His wide stance stretches from Ottawa to Mexico City. He incubates in a controlled demolition. The dark father mummifies himself inside a false flag. He cultivates calamities then commits atrocities. He builds weapons of mass contingency, irony, and solidarity. He sells them to himself. He never gets caught. The spontaneous conspiracy of networks conceals him. His favorite line, “. . . a small elite managed to escape.”

The dark father picks his successors and assassinates them. He picks his nose. He promotes an egalitarian classless society and a monolithic majoritarian one. He doesn’t care about society. He swipes two point three trillion dollars from the Pentagon. He twists his rosary into a noose and taunts, “Would you rather be safe or free?”

He’s a savant. He is incunabula of the owl. He’s environmentally friendly. He gauges your carbon footprint, files it next to your fingerprint. He’s profeminist. He taxes tits. He pays women to give their children to schools. The dark father prays more prayers than the church allows. He’s a faith-based nihilist. His intelligent designer engineered marijuana, whose fibers he spins into prisons. The dark father drafts a constitutional testament. He writes the constitution right out of it. He says the constitution is economically inefficient. He’s the serpent who tells the truth.

His journalists search no further than politics. Anything that deflects the definition of ownership. Anything constrained to spectacle. He pays the pundits to debate the relative usefulness of the various lies. The dark father strikes with a swollen breast and a clenched fist. His left hand grabs the remote. His right tunes the radio. He’s the Central Scrutinizer. He’s a skull and a bone. He’s your average pinhead.

The dark father promotes elections, the opiate of the masses. He plants a sign for each candidate. He plants a chip in each citizen. He eats your children. He eats his own children. He eats all the children. It keeps them from organizing.

The dark father turns onto waterboarding. It leaves no mark. He tunes into Judge Judy and Judge Marco and Judge Rudy. They dispose of juries. He drops out of checks and balances. Too much paperwork. The dark father charges interest on air, collects it from the IRS. He conjures currencies. He conflates markets and morality, pockets the efficiencies of globalization. He dictates his own history. He majored in shadows, got his pedigree from the Ivy League. He’s atmospheric. He’s the most postmodern primitive, the late archaic futurist.

The dark father got an inside job with the new world order on nine eleven. He lies through pomp and ceremony. Power? Too vague. He covets the concrete, CONTROL.

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